I’m sure you’ve heard of it before and if you haven’t you won’t forget it. Brain Dumping.

Brain Dumping has legit been a lifesaver for me

Nothing beats taking a few minutes to just dump all the ideas, thoughts, etc. out onto PAPER, yes PAPER

Some people resist brain dumping because they have a fear of “doing it wrong” or worrying about not having enough to come up with

Let me tell you! There is no right or wrong thought, idea, length, or anything with brain dumping

It’s all about clearing your mind so you can focus on the big things you are working on

Before I started brain dumping I would have a million and one ideas floating around in my head. It would be hard for me to stay focused on what I needed to do. This led to a lot of half done projects since I would work on whatever I thought of at the time.

Once I start brain dumping I was able to get focused.

I write everything out on paper and then type them into the correct to do list, project list, grocery list, wherever they may go

My mind is cleared and I am able to focus on the current project or task I’m working on. No more shiny object syndrome for me.

Take 10-15 minutes or more today and just write down EVERYTHING that comes to mind. It may be new project ideas, grocery items, or just random words that pop into your head. Write it all down.

After you’re done take a few minutes to sort through the thoughts, cross them out, add them to an idea or project list, and then move on to focus with the rest of your day with a clear mind.