I’ve always been one looking for ways to be more productive and increase my productivity. I can even remember times back in middle school and even elementary when my planner was my life. I was born to be type A honestly. This really means I have tried every single productivity trick, tip, hack, etc that has been created but there are few better than batching.

I think I loved batching so much because it reminds me of batch cooking in the kitchen. The kitchen is really my homeland if I’m being completely honest, if I could spend all day making freezer meals or bulk cooking food for friends and family I would be in heaven(without the grocery bill and dishes of course haha). When I batch cook in the kitchen I am either making multiple batches of a certain meal or setting aside the time to batch specific meal categories like chicken freezer meals.

The same concept in the kitchen works for many, MANY areas including your life including tasks in your business. I first started batching non kitchen related tasks in my early 20s when I was really getting into the direct sales business I was in at the time. I was so productive and able to knock things out which freed up more time for me(since I was still a college student and all).

So how does batching work?

The concept itself is very simple. Basically you are sitting down and doing one batch of tasks at a time. For instance maybe you knock out a month of blogs during the time, schedule all your social media posts another time, schedule your upcoming lives and their topics, etc.

The key to batching is to focus on that one task for your designated time period. I usually stick to about 30 minutes because I have squirrel brain and tend to lose interest fairly quickly. This also puts the pressure on so I can get my work done in that limited amount of time. If not I will get up, get a drink or a snack, and really find myself meandering around the house avoiding the task at hand. Batching matched with that time frame to get it done has kept me unbelievably focused and increased my productivity like crazy.

Not only does batching increase your productivity but it can save you a ton of time. When you write those blog posts or plan out those live videos you aren’t scrambling last minute putting something mediocre together. Instead you have quality information to give to your viewers that comes out at the regularly scheduled time!

So how often are you batching?

When do you do this? For myself I find setting a time to batch certain tasks 1-2 times a month is the most beneficial for me. For instance, once a month I sit down and really dive into Tailwind for about 30-45 minutes finding pins to schedule and adding my own back into my rotation. Through trial and error I have figured out I can knock out this task by doing it just once a month and then my tailwind is filled for the entire upcoming month so I don’t have to worry about posting to Pinterest every single day!

I like to think I can schedule all my social media content once a month but again from my experience testing it out I have found 2-3 times a month works best so I can provide fresh content, new blog posts, and make sure my schedule is correct for when I am announcing upcoming live videos I may be doing.

What is the first thing you will start batching to make your life easier?