When you are starting to focus on growing your email list you might find it to be a slow and potentially painful process. So many people are hesitant to give their email out because their inbox is already overflowing with ads, promotions, and spam. Getting email sign ups before used to be easier because people would throw their email into everything. Now with the amount of spam, high volume in their inbox, as well as the increasing amount of privacy issues people are really making sure what you are offering is worth giving their email address. A simple “sign up for my newsletter” usually isn’t effective anymore so you need to be doing more to make it worth their time!

Create a Killer Freebie

Do some research and figure out what your ideal client really struggles with on a topic you are an expert on and create a freebie that will help them. Create a SIMPLE email sign up( I use Convertkit for all of mine, affiliate link but I’ve been using Convertkit for years and LOVE it) and automate it so your freebie gets delivered to them right after they sign up! This has definitely been the number one way I have grown my email list and it’s a favorite because you create the freebie one time and let the automation take care of the rest!

Host a Free Challenge

Host a free challenge or masterclass and set up an email sign up for it. Even if you are hosting this challenge or masterclass on your Facebook page or in your group still create a sign up that will collect emails. This is a great way to send those people a little bonus material as well as reminders for when the challenge is taking place.

Ask for an email when joining your FB group

If you run a Facebook group this is one of the easiest ways to grow your email list! You have the option to ask 3 questions when members request to join. I strongly suggest using all of these as an opportunity to not only grow your email list but learn more about your ideal client and those joining the group. Using one of these 3 questions to ask for an email address has added hundreds of people to my list. However, you cannot make it required to add their email as it doesn’t go against email and privacy laws in certain countries. So be sure to leave out the “required” wording and instead use the space allotted to explain the benefits of joining your list!

List your freebie link everywhere

People can’t sign up for your freebie if you aren’t putting it out there! List your freebie link everywhere possible! Share it on promo posts in groups, link it on your FB page, put it in the pinned post AND description of your FB group, put it in your IG bio, share it on Pinterest, put it in your podcast show notes, put it in your Youtube video description, link it on your IG story(if you have 10k followers), link it on your snapchat, etc. Wherever you are hanging out and spending time with your ideal client you need to be sharing the link!

What ways are you working on growing your email list this week? Share in the comments below!!