It’s no secret that pretty much everyone is insanely busy these days. With all the daily hustle and bustle it’s hard to find time to for new things in our life such as starting or growing a business. The thought of trying to set aside hours to build something from nothing can seem overwhelming and like it will never fit in your schedule but making time for your business can be so much easier than you think!

Work during your lunch break

When I was starting my business I was working a full time job at a crappy paying nonprofit working anywhere from 50-60 hours a week with travel(and no overtime pay by the way). I have an hour each day for lunch that before my business I would use to run home and have a meal, get a quick workout at the gym, or even try to squeeze in a nap if I was lucky. When I started getting serious about my business(so I could leave said full time job) I knew that that chunk of time needed to be the first to change. I started making a lunch break to do list of things I needed to knock out. I would shut my office door and just buckle down and get things done. I don’t care if you break is 60 minutes, 30 minutes, or even 15 minutes. If you are spending this time running errands, scrolling social media, etc. then it’s time to make your business a priority and work on it during your break!

Get up earlier

It can take some time to adjust and really get that focus to work but start getting up earlier consistently. In the early morning hours people are still sleeping, social media is quieter, and over there are less distractions allowing you to focus and get work done for your business. In the evenings you are already drained from the day and it is so much easier to get distracted so really focus on making an effort to be the early bird that gets the worm instead of the night owl.

Work in small chunks

Not every business task requires you to sit down for 30+ minutes at a time. Break down your to dos in small bite size pieces that take no more than 5-10 minutes. Everyone and yes I mean EVERYONE even you have small 5-10 minutes breaks throughout your day somewhere. The time we spend scrolling social media or staring into the fridge hoping a meal will magically apparate from The Leaky Cauldron(yeah I threw in a Harry Potter reference) are times when you can start to be conscious of what you are doing and use that time to instead work on those tasks to move your business forward.

Where are you finding time to work on your business right now?

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