Do you have affiliate marketing set up in your business?

Affiliate marketing is one of the top ways to add passive income into your business without having to create your own product/service.

So how do you get started?

Take a look at the products and programs you are already using, do they offer a way to be an affiliate. When I talk about courses I ALWAYS mention how much I love Coursecraft(affiliate link). Why? Because I use it all the time and LOVE the platform. It is so easy to use, has a clean layout, and if you are just starting out you can build and sell a course on the free level! It is easy for me to talk about this platform and in return when someone subscribes to a paid platform I made a portion of the sale at no extra cost to them. I’m on the platform anyway, I’m talking about it constantly so I might as well be making some extra money from it!

What should you promote through affiliate marketing?

This one gets tricky for some people. I see people building courses/programs all the time and before they even launch it they are asking random people in Facebook groups to be affiliate for it without even trying it. This is a BAD idea, When it comes to affiliate marketing you should only talk about and promote those products/service you have tried yourself. Why? Look at it this way: You sign up as an affiliate for a course you have never taken but the commission is great, you promote the crap out of it and people sign up using your link, the course begins and it is CRAP(or the content is never delivered), now those people who signed up per your recommendation have lost trust in you and your opinion on things and may not buy from you again. I have seen this scenario play out over and over again in the online space and unfortunately it keeps happening so save yourself some trouble and stick to those things you have tested, tried, and love!

What else do you need to know?

Always be sure to follow rules and regulations set by the country you live in and the company you are an affiliate for. A lot of places require you to disclose that you are providing affiliate links(like I mentioned above next to my Coursecraft one) and some companies have restrictions on where you can and can’t post the affiliate links. These all vary based on where you live and the company you use so be sure to do your research!