Are you really working to attract your ideal client?

I know when I first started my business I was just speaking broad and to everyone. I thought that I wanted every single dang person I could get into my customer journey with me. Of course I found out quickly I was wrong as the people I was attracting were the farthest thing away from the type of people I wanted to work with or who really wanted to work with me.

For a lot of us of ideal client is a previous version of ourselves. Maybe it’s ourselves 6 months ago, 1 year ago, 3 years ago, etc. For others your ideal client is someone totally different. I know of an early 20s male business coach whose target audience is basically his mother and people that are a previous version of her. Whoever your ideal client is you need to be speaking to THEM.

So what does this look like or really mean?

Know what their pain points are and SPEAK to them.

Address those pain points, those struggles, offer help/support, and be the person who is there to make a difference in their life. Yes this applies to more than just coaches. If you are an MLM you talk about how those products have changed your life and can change theirs. If you are a blogger looking to just get out a couple printable pdfs for sale you are able to talk about how this printables have helped you and how they can make your clients life easier/better/more organized/etc. Don’t ever be afraid to get specific with things you want to talk about.

Be relatable!

Don’t just share the highlight reel of your life. People want to have a personal connection with someone especially if they are about to buy something from you! If they think your entire life is perfect, you never have or have had any struggles, they won’t want to work with you. For me personally when I am hiring a coach I like to find someone who had a REAL struggle that they overcame usually financially and starting from zero with their business because the previous version of myself can relate to that. I can’t relate on any level(for myself and this may be different for you) to an early 20s fresh out of college girl with no student loans who has never worked a job in her life. That’s not a fit for me. Sure they have had their own struggle that they share but I want to find some I can RELATE to!

Comment below and let me know what you plan to do THIS WEEK to work on attracting your ideal client!

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attracting your ideal client

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