Nothing is worse then when you express excitement about your business or products you offer and some responds to it with doubt or negativity. Those doubts that they throw your way instead of supporting you can feel a little like you are getting stabbed in the gut. You’ve worked so hard to make things happen and get to where you are or figure out where you want to be and someone comes in and crushes that excitement in an instant.

Whether you are launching a business, joining an MLM, or starting a blog the reaction you can get from people may not be what you were expecting:

“Why would you want to do that”

“I hate MLMs”

“So you’re just going to play on your computer all day”

“My cousin Susie did that and she said it sucked so you shouldn’t even try”

“I tried that once and it doesn’t work”

Whatever B.S. you hear from people that’s all that it is, total B.S.

Having run a variety of businesses over the last 10 years I have heard it all. Even to this day my own mother still gives me a hard time and sends me job listings for “real jobs” on the regular(knowing I make more now than I ever did working for someone else).

So how do you kick this cloud of negativity out when it feels like everyone thinks what you are doing is crazy? Here’s how to use others’ doubts as motivation:

Ignore the Haters & Brush It Off

Easier said than done, trust me, I know. However, learning how to just ignore what people say or brush it off can be one the biggest things you can do. If you are anything like me I used to let every comment both me for what seemed like forever. I would do this until the doubt started to become my own belief about what I was doing and eventually I would give up and quit.

Journal It Out

If the words of others are getting to you, take some time to journal it out. Write down what they are saying on one side of a piece of paper and then write out the opposite(aka the TRUTH) on the other side of the paper. You can also write down the things people are saying and burn it too. Either option is a great way to work yourself past those words that are messing with your mindset. After that, journal out how freakin’ amazing your life if going to be when you DO make the things happen that you are working towards. Leave out no details, journal all the nitty gritty about how much $$$ you are going to make, where you live, everything. Review this part every time you feel those words from others creeping back into your head so you can crush them and stay motivated!

Prove Them Wrong

Instead of even considering if what they are saying might be correct(because it is NOT) use this as motivation and a way to push you forward. Look at every step you take to build this thing you are creating as a way to prove them wrong. Take each day to do better, be better, and show up better. Prove their words wrong! You aren’t going to fail, this isn’t a waste of time, you won’t need to go back to that full time job you hate. YOU are going to make things happen and YOU are going to prove them wrong.

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