I’m not coming into this blog post claiming that I am some huge Facebook group expert, far from it actually. However, I’m coming up on 5 years in business as a coach and have run 2 groups(one of which I shut down) and have learned a lot about running a group during that time.

I started my first group back in March 2016 and called it Female Introvert Lifestyle Mastermind. I wanted to be this cross of a business and lifestyle coach for introvert women. Growth was sloooooooow. Once I changed the name to The Badass Business Introvert growth happened a little more quickly but engagement was a huge struggle. Eventually it was just me posting and NO engagement at all so I decided to start over with a better plan. The Badass Business Introvert 2.0 group was born with structure, rules, weekly threads for engagement and promo, and a semi put together content schedule.

After awhile I finally deleted the first edition of the group and removed the 2.0 from the newer version(it was confusing for people who didn’t know about the first group). I was average about 20-40 new people requesting to join the group every week in 2018 and engagement was extremely high! Today, the numbers are even higher! So why am I telling you all of this? So you know that it is ok if things are slow and hard, they won’t be easy, very few people start a group and get 1,000 members in the first 30 days but the group can be worth it.

Here are my tips for successfully managing your own Facebook group:

Know that it will take a time commitment.

My first big mistake in my first group was thinking once people joined they would just chat and post all the time. I sat back and just expected it to run itself. I was so wrong. For your group members to engage and show up, YOU need to engage and show up every single day in some way. You can schedule posts like crazy but you also need to pop in once a day or every other day to reply to comments, comment on other people’s stuff, etc. It takes time to grow, time to engage, and time to manage a Facebook group

Have rules in place before you open the doors.

Up until the end of October 2018 I had a pretty lenient set of group rules. Basically don’t be an asshole, don’t spam, but promos are allowed anytime as long as you engage. Some new people joined and ruined it for everyone unfortunately and now promos are kept to just the threads. As the group admin you will have to decide what kind of rules around promotions, link sharing, live video, etc. you want to have in place to keep the vibe you want in your group.

Make a plan to grow your group.

One of my favorite ways to grow my group is by having guest speakers for a month at a time. This gets new people in the group to speak, their friends in the group to learn, my current members a chance to hear from another expert, introverts out of their shell and putting themselves out there on camera, engagement up in my group, and even gives me a little bit of a break from having to fill some of the content myself since these guest presenters are in there every day. It has really been a win all around for me!

Don’t forget to join my group, The Badass Business Introvert, today!

Do you run your own Facebook or have you been thinking of running one? Let me know in the comments below!

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