Being an introvert and trying to promote yourself in the online space can be a challenge. It really requires us to push past our comfort zone and put ourselves out in front of people we don’t know. It doesn’t matter what your business/blog/etc. is, when you’re first getting started fear can play a huge part in how much we put ourselves out there.

Feel the fear, Do it anyway!

When you first start promoting yourself let’s be honest, it can be scary!! You feel a little like you are exposing part of yourself to everyone on the internet. Worried about how they will read things, if your offer is good enough, etc. It’s time to feel the fear, acknowledge it, and do the scary shit anyway! You will be so thankful that you did. Sure you could hear crickets at first(trust me, been there!) but you will have taken that first step and it will be easier every time to put yourself out there.

Pick 1-2 places to focus on to avoid burnout

Burnout is a real struggle as an introvert so be sure to focus on only 1-2 places to promote yourself until you get some systems in place. I know you want to try to be in all the places all the time so you can grow but it rarely works like that. What usually happens when people try to post everywhere is they are posting everywhere inconsistently. When you are showing up inconsistently people are NOT noticing you and are much less likely to buy from you. Showing up consistently in less places helps you grow your audience, build that trust factor with your ideal clients, and will lead to an increase in sales.

Don’t over extend yourself

Seriously, don’t over extend yourself! Not only will it lead to burnout but you are more likely to give up if you are over extending yourself! This goes a lot with my last point as well, you don’t need to be everywhere, but you also don’t need to be around alllllll the time! Don’t feel like you need to respond to someone the second they comment on something or send you a message. Get back to them during your “work hours” but outside of that the response can wait!

In what ways do you struggle to promote yourself online as an introvert? Comment below and let me know!

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