Whenever I start working with a new 1-on-1 client the first thing we usually tackle is getting at least one or two passive income streams set up in their business. This way when we move onto the bigger projects they can keep making money, building a following, and building that relationship with people in their community.

I get some resistance from some clients because they aren’t super excited about offering something like a low cost tripwire item for $7-$47 and want to dive into the high dollar items right away. I always remind them that even though those sales can seem small they require minimal to no effort once the automations are set up and can add up really fast.

I always give the example of my Profitable Course Masterclass which was $11 but I recently raised the price to $27. At either price point it is an incredible value walking people through 10 steps to launch a profitable course in 4 weeks or less. This single item has earned me thousands, yes THOUSANDS, of dollars in my business. I don’t tell you this to brag but to show you the impact that one single low cost offer can make.

Now imagine if you had it set up so that one single sign up from someone would have the ability to introduce them to 3, 4, 5, or more different forms of passive income you could bring in. All automated, everything already set up, all you need to do it bring them onto your list or into your community somehow. The possibilities are seriously endless.

No matter what type of business you are in there is something you can do for passive income

A photographer could offer stock photos

A graphic designer could offer a simple graphics pack for social media

A dog walker could offer some sort of ebook on dog care or homemade dog treats or even a training video on doggie behavior

A crafter/knitter could offer the pdf files or a video to make your own scarf

No matter what you do there is room for you to add simple passive income into your business.

Stuck on what you could offer? COMMENT BELOW and we can chat about what you could do for passive income in your business!